English rights: Intersaga Literary Agency
Swedish Publisher: Idus forlag
Author: author(a), +46 709 924 564

Helena Söderblom is the author of When the world goes dark and When the mountain falls silent.

The stories have a clear focus on preparedness and crisis management, but also contains classic themes such as friendship, bravery, sacrifice and steping up to the challenge.

Helena Söderblom career has entaild work as an editorialist, a press secretary at Stockholm city Hall and a senior adviser in crisis management and communication at global company 4C Strategies.

Helena was born in Uppsala, home of Swedens oldest university, where she studied political science and East European studies.

She now resides in Stockholm with her husband, photographer and Youtuber Jens Söderblom, and their two children.

She enjoys spending time with her family, practicing Taekwon-do and listening to country music.